EENAM tmTeaching is a work of heart

Thumbnail Media n Media Catechetical Ministry

Thumbnail 1 caticorp Online Administration

Lumen Christi new Let Your Light Shine..

Darsana blueTo Listen & To Guide…

Theeram tlBasic Awareness Course

Moral Education Moral Education Needed To Reinforce Right Values

res courseDiploma Residential Course 

Thumbnail Enlight n To enlighten and empower children in Christian values and sexual knowledge..

Thumbnail Outreach n Social Outreach  Programme for Diploma Students..

Thumbnail Adopt a family1 Adopt A family Programme for Diploma Students..

Alive new Enabling Youth to Live in and to Live out Christ..

syllabusSunday School Syllabus…

Annual Report 2016It’s Amazing Because It Is Real

Thumbnail Structure N Structure…

Thumbnail Ask your doubts Doubt Isn’t The Opposite Of Faith; It Is An Element Of Faith