December 1

Saint Eligius of Noyon

December 2

Saint Bibiana

December 3

Saint Francis Xavier

December 4

Saint John of Damascus

December 5

Saint Sabbas of Mar Saba

December 6

Saint Nicholas of Myra

December 7

Saint Ambrose of Milan

December 8

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

December 9

Saint Juan Diego

December 10

Saint Eulalia of Merida

December 11

Pope Saint Damasus I

December 12

Saint Spyridon of Cyprus

December 13

Saint Lucy

December 14

Saint John of the Cross

December 15

Saint Mary di Rosa

December 16

Saint Adelaide of Burgundy

December 17

Saint John of Matha

December 18

Saint Winebald OSB

December 19

Saint Nemesion

December 20

Saint Dominic of Silos

December 21

Saint Peter Canisius

December 22

Saint Flavian of Acquapendente

December 23

Saint John of Kanty

December 24

Saint Paola Elisabetta Cerioli

December 25

Happy Christmas

December 26

Saint Stephen the Martyr

December 27

Saint John the Apostle

December 28

Holy Innocents

December 29

Saint Thomas a Becket

December 30

Saint Anysia of Salonika

December 31

Pope Saint Sylvester I