March 1

Saint Albinus of Angers

March 2

Saint Angela of the Cross Guerrero

March 3

Saint Katharine Drexel

March 4

Saint Casimir of Poland

March 5

Saint John Joseph of the Cross

March 6

Saint Colette

March 7

Sts. Perpetua and Felicity and their Companions

March 8

Saint John of God

March 9

Saint Frances of Rome

March 10

Saint John Ogilvie

March 11

Saint Eulogius of Cordoba

March 12

Saint Louis Orione

March 13

Saint Leander of Seville

March 14

Saint Leobinus of Chartres

March 15

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

March 16

Saint Heribert of Cologne

March 17

Saint Patrick

March 18

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

March 19

Saint Joseph

March 20

Saint Photina of Rome

March 21

Saint Benedetta Chambiagio Brother

March 22

Saint Nicholas Owen

March 23

Saint Catherine of Sweden

March 24

Holy Oscar Romero

March 25

Saint Dismas

March 26

Saint Ludger of Utrecht

March 27

Saint John of Lycopolis

March 28

Conon of Naso

March 29

Saints Jonas and Barachisius

March 30

John Climacus

March 31

Saint Guy of Pomposa